Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stringtown is rising.

Mesa has been sheltered for two long. Hiding behind garage doors, stereotypes and bad policy. But now, over the past years, Mesa is coming to the forefront and deservedly so. Tell people that Mesa is larger than Atlanta, Miami or Oakland, and you get a strange look; but they’ll also tell you they’ve heard good things, that Mesa is changing. Mesa is opening up. Mesa, will rise.

Stringtown was the name of an early settlement founded by the Rogers, Standage, and Pew families along what is now Alma School Road. I think that name is appropriate for west Mesa and downtown. Mesa has stretched out so far east that the original city and suburbs have not had the interest or intensity of thought that it should. That all has changed.

We have the opportunity now to envision and build the Mesa that we want. One built on community, health and safety. A Mesa that is built for all people and all ages. A Mesa that is more than just a single bottom line. We understand now that in order to build the community we want, we have to look more broadly and think more deeply than we have before.

The Mesa we build will have a strong, vibrant economy and an educated, passionate, connected and involved community. This Mesa will sustain us long into the future, yet still be respectful of those who have come before us. This site ventures to create a venue to share provocative ideas and opinions, as well as pertinent links that will inspire us all to think critically.

In that light, we’ll be talking about all the possibilities that become us. The articles you’ll find here will be positive, informative, provocative and thoughtful. Guest writers are invited to share their ideas and dreams.

So join with us as we explore the ideas, thoughts and hopes that will make Stringtown rise. The dreams that will inspire and reinvigorate west Mesa. The ideas that will make Downtown Mesa into Mesa’s downtown. We’re about to embark on an exciting adventure, and everyone’s invited.


  1. Integrating more transportation options to encourage more walking/biking options will build the community. Shuttle systems like those in Tempe would also add to the value.

    A top priority should be integrating a branch of the light rail to go up Dobson to connect the Mesa Riverwalk, to Mesa Community College and Fiesta Mall, to Banner Medical, to Chandler Regional Hospital and down to the 202 San Tan. There are also several large schools along this route as well, which could aid school transportation. Then just add several park and ride locations near the major stops to encourage use of public transportation.

  2. I'm pretty excited to see and hear about all of the things happening in downtown Mesa. About 35 years ago ( yes, I'm old ) I lived close to Pioneer Park. The park was an awesome place where kids could ride their bikes, play on the train and just have fun.
    I'm looking forward to the new brewery, I have visited some of the cool new places on Main Street and can't wait for the light rail line to open the area to new people.
    I'm glad I found your blog and will be following along...

    1. Nick, have you seen the new proposed design for Pioneer Park?

      Here's a view of it: